Good Way To Clean The Carpet

Good Way To Clean The Carpet

Good Way To Clean The Carpet

1, carpet, furniture or furniture long-term stress can form dent, it is difficult to recover.

Recovery method is: put towels soaked in hot water twist dry (but don’t too dry), on the carpet surface for 5-10 minutes, then the electric iron From above, steaming hot, be careful not to forcefully carpet surface, the electric hair dryer, and brush brush while blowing carpet fuzz can recover, but pay attention to the blowing machine temperature is too high, prevent burned the carpet nap.

2, in the process of use, carpet is sometimes cigarette matter such as carpet burnt into holes, effect the beauty of the carpet.

Repair method is: put burning stick root flat with scissors, then, from the furniture or other out of sight under the carpet with color Tufted roots cut a bunch of the same size, in the burning and tufted roots coated adhesive, stick pile in scorch place, with proper weight above tablet press, after adhesive is dry, stick on the pile of strong, with a brush comb gently with the same, no doubt, such as If higher than that of pile carpet surface, can use scissors.

3, carpet in use if accidentally knocked over the ink or drink, sprinkled on the carpet or other liquid pollution, should be dealt with immediately.If dry after it is difficult to deal with.

Processing method is: use dry cloth or tissue first juice absorbs moisture, and then use the wet cloth with neutral detergent or light light gently daub, reoccupy dry wet cloth to wipe clean.To remove pigment, can be a cloth dipped in vinegar water taps

4, carpet use after a period of time, carpet surface will appear smudgy, color also become dark, if you want to make carpet update again, can adopt the following methods:

Take fine salt on the carpet, at the end of the salt with the broom wet clean sweep, reoccupy after ten minutes at the end of the vacuum cleaner to remove salt and dirt carpet clean and shiny.

5, remove carpet urine trace:

Wipe with the same amount of soda and white vinegar water washes away the urine trace.If the urine trace is dry, can use water to wash the wet, then use the above method processing.