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Good Way To Clean The Carpet

Good Way To Clean The Carpet 1, carpet, furniture or furniture long-term stress can form dent, it is difficult to recover. Recovery method is: put towels soaked in hot water twist dry (but don’t too dry), on the carpet surface for 5-10 minutes, then the electric iron From above, steaming hot, be careful not to


The Exhibition time is 21-23.3.2017 The nineteenth China International Exhibition on surface materials and paving technology(Domotex asia/Chinafloor 2017) had been held successfully in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zhengzhou Yifa Carpet  Co.,Ltd.bring new products at  W1G25. Taking part in an exhibition of such a level has given a great chance to get the most precise

Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance When in use, the carpet should avoid strong sunlight, lest it becomes aged or its color faded. The foot of furniture contacting the carpet should be furnished with cushions or frequently move the furniture; as for the places seriously worn out, besides protecting them with covering, you can also change the position. Since

The characteristics of carpet tile

The characteristics of carpet tile A, Carpet tile has the following characteristics (1)Shipping and handling convenience (2)Cut loss of construction material can be to a minimum (3)Available in other project after installation, so as to avoid being stained (4)The local update, interchangeability (5)Construction is simple, suitable for DIY, can be combined at random, color, design, everything